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Collectors and Authors
Almost complete catalogue of 10" Argee records (Практически полный каталог 10-дюймовых пластинок Argee) (mgj)
Almost complete catalogue of ... (mgj)
Mike G. Jurkevich


Printed Matter
Letter from Jack Raymond (owner of Argee Music Corp.) to one of customers (Письмо Джека Раймонда (владельца фирмы Argee) одному из клиентов) (mgj)
Letter from Jack Raymond (owner ... (mgj)


Argee Records
Catalog of Argee (also Stinson, Emvee and other labels), 1954 (Каталог Argee (а также Stinson, Emvee и др.), 1954 год) (mgj)
Catalog of Argee (also Stinson, ... (mgj)
Argee Records


Catalogue of Ukrainian (and Belarusian) records of Argee, 1954 (mgj)
Catalogue of Ukrainian (and ... (mgj)
Argee Records



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