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1955 год (Wiktor)
1955 год (Wiktor)
Records of Gramplasttrest and successors


Chronicle of documents of the activities of Centropechat (in Russian) (Хроника документов по деятельности Центропечати) (paskudski)
Chronicle of documents of the ... (paskudski)
Evgeni Paskudski


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Local production of the 1950s
russianvocal ensemble
Twenty tiny fingers, British folk song (Двадцать пальчиков, английская нар. песня)
Vocal ensemble "Druzhba", Conductor Aleksandr Aleksandrovich BronevitskyOdessa - Proizvodstvenny Kombinat Upravleniya Torgovli
russianfemale vocal with orchestra
Little red rose, Czech song (Красная розочка, чешская песня) (B. Sedlacek)
Helena Loubalova, acc. moscow variety theatre's orchestra, Conductor Nikolai Grigorjevich MinkhOdessa - Proizvodstvenny Kombinat Upravleniya Torgovli
russiansoprano and orchestra
Red rosette (Красная розочка), song (Bohuslav Sedlacek)
[ru]Гелена Лоубалова[ru]Helena Loubalova, acc. orchestra of the moscow variety theatre, Conductor Nikolay Minh1955
Dnepropetrovsk - October Rajpromkombinat
russiansoprano with orchestra
Little Red Rose (Красная Розочка), song (Bohuslav Sedachek)
Helena Loubalova, acc. Orchestra of the Moscow Variety Theatre, Conductor Nikolay MinkhKaunas - Haberdashery Plant
russian, czechsoprano and orchestra
Red rosette (Красная розочка) (Červená růžička), song (Bohuslav Sedlacek)
Helena Loubalova, acc. orchestra of the Moscow variety theatre, Conductor Nikolai MinkhOdessa - Primorsky Rajpromkombinat
russiansoprano with orchestra
Students song (Студенческая песеня) (Film «Age of Love») (G. Gonzalez, lyrics by Ludmila Davidivich (russian translation))
Alexandra Kovalenko, acc. orchestra, Conductor Vadim Ludkovidsky1955Dnepropetrovsk - October Rajpromkombinat
russian, argentiniansoprano with orchestra
Student song (Студенческая песня) (Film «The Age of Love») (G. Gonsales, lyrics by Ludmila Davidovich (Russian text))
Alexandra Kovalenco, acc. pop orchestra, Conductor lVadim LyudvikovskiyKaunas - Haberdashery Plant
italianthe lyric tenor with instrumental ensemble
Piccinini, song (Eldo Di Lazzaro)
[ru]Гуальтиеро Мизиано[ru]Gualtiero Misiano, acc. instrumental ensemble, Conductor Laszlo Olah1955
Odessa - Primorsky Rajpromkombinat

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