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Salut demeure (Каватина Фауста) ... (DmitriySar)
E.Berliner Gramophone


Warszawianka (Варшавянка (Вихри ... (nezhdan)
Svobodnaya Rossiya


Freedom Loan: Appeal to workers ... (nezhdan)
Svobodnaya Rossiya


On Saturday it’s foul weather ... (Amakus)
Rebikoff and Co. (test)


The song flows (Льётся песня), ... (Amakus)
Parlophon (test records)


At golden-haired spring ... (Amakus)
Parlophon (test records)


Mad Nights (Ночи безумные), ... (dima)
Kislovodsk recording studio


The Sea (The Farewell Song) ... (dima)
Kislovodsk recording studio


Varyag (Варяг), romance (Amakus)
Rebikoff and Co. (gold medal)


Motor ship "Komsomol" ... (Zonofon)
Aprelevka Plant


Executioner and Jester (Палач и ... (Zonofon)
Aprelevka Plant


White Night (Белая ночь), song (Anton)
FZZ (pre-war)


Without That Gal! (Английская ... (Plastmass)
Gramplasttrest (Non-standard numbering)


Song of war correspondents ... (rejisser)


The nightingale (Соловей), ... (bernikov)
Zon-o-phone Record (etched)


Anyuta (Анюта) (Yuru SPb)
The Music on the Ribs


It’s Time to Go (Пора в ... (Plastmass)
Dom Zvukozapisy (Records)


The clock still works (Часы пока ... (rejisser)
Unmarked (three digits)


Appeal to soldiers of Red Army ... (Yuru SPb)
Gosprossnab NKP (discus thrower, red)


Brothers (Братья), song (Zonofon)
Muzpred NKP (0x, "Fabrika pamyati 1905 goda" on the top)


An Evening at a Roadstead (Вечер ... (dima)
Gramplasttrest (Non-standard numbering)


Quiet Flows the Don (Тихий Дон), ... (iabraimov)
LEF (1st numbering, own labels)


Guys, Unharness your Horses ... (iabraimov)
LEF (1st numbering, own labels)


Spanish Serenade (Испанская серенада), etude (andrew-64)
Spanish Serenade (Испанская ... (andrew-64)
Richard Jacob (etched)


Spanish Serenade (Испанская ... (andrew-64)
Richard Jacob (etched)


The head of the Princess de ... (dima)


a) My star; b) Fairy (end) (a) ... (dima)


a) There was no unfaithfulness; ... (dima)


Piccolo Bambino (Пикколо ... (dima)


Do not ask me (Ты не спрашивай), ... (andrew-64)
Orpheon-Record (Vyaltseva)


Give me your hand, my friend, ... (andrew-64)
Orpheon-Record (Vyaltseva)


Toreador Song (Куплеты ... (horseman)
A. Burchardt (cylinders)


Love for the Motherland (Любовь ... (xcallibure)


a) Critic b) Charlie Chaplin (а) ... (Zonofon)
Leningrad - Radio Products Plant LGMP PPK


If You remember, if You love ... (Yuru SPb)
Aprelevka Plant


Sixteen years (Шестнадцать Лет), ... (pushkin)
Amour Gramophone


On the death of P.A. Stolypin ... (stavitsky)
Zwukopis (rhombus-shape)


a) I don’t know how to banish ... (pushkin)
Concert (Angel)


The song about Spring (Murmuring ... (Mik)


I still love him (Я всё ещё его ... (Mik)


I am sixteen years old (Мне ... (Mik)


Two Maxims (Два Максима), song (TheThirdPartyFiles)
Unmarked (three digits)


Ah, Let People Say What They ... (pushkin)
Plastinka Zonophona


Una dame noble et sage (Vaga donna illustre e cara) (Opera «Les Huguenots», act 1) (horseman)
Una dame noble et sage (Vaga ... (horseman)
Bettini Cylinders


Darling (Милая), gypsy song (Golovko)
E.Berliner Gramophone


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