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New discs for orders of 1978, III q. (german_retro)
New discs for orders of 1978, ... (german_retro)
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Congratulations with Victory Day! 09.05.2020 02:37

Passed away Gabriel Gössel 04.04.2020 17:23

With deep regret we inform you that on the 2nd of April on 76th year of his life passed away our Czech colleague Gabriel Gössel. Many years ago, Gabriel kindly allowed us to post on our website any of his articles related to the history of the Russian recording, which we did not fail to take advantage of - this is how his personal page appeared on the website.
Последние изменения и планы на 2020 год 21.01.2020 04:58

Ну вот мы и глазом не успели моргнуть, как стремглав пролетело три недели нового года.

Тем не менее, не смотря на праздники, а может и благодаря им, на сайте были сделаны кое-какие изменения, о которых я хочу сообщить.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020! 30.12.2019 02:40

Atis Gunivaldis Bērtiņš 04.11.2019 04:25

We are pleased to announce the beginning of cooperation with the famous Latvian collector since 1946 Atis Gunivaldis Bērtiņš, the author of the book “History of Latvian records”. We bring to your attention the annotation to his book, written by the auther exclusively for our website. The initiator and coordinator of cooperation is Andrey Kulakov (Andy60), please contact him for all questions.
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