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Mournful Song (Andy60)
Mournful Song (Andy60)
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We are changing the hosting 08.08.2007 19:11

Dear friends, we began the process of moving to a new hosting. It will take a few days; during this period may take place some service interruptions, please accept our apologies in advance. We hope that the new hosting will be faster and more reliable, and as a results the visiting our site will become more pleasant and fruitful.

Alphabetical Index 03.07.2007 02:59

Dear friends, please take a note that in the main menu there is Label Index item now. It is not a problem anymore to navigate to any one!
Is there music on the site? 09.04.2007 01:19

Dear friends! One of the most frequently asked question whether there is music on the site and if so, then how to find it among all those label files? Yes, there are music files, but not that many. The audio files are easily distinguishable by a picture of a gramophone, similar to one that is shown in the heading of this announcement. All existing sound files can be found at once if in the search window Search type word "sound".

By the way, the registration is only necessary for uploading your own files, comments and for participation in our internal forum. All data, including sound files are freely available to all visitors; no registration for viewing or downloading is required.

What is "Internal Server Error"? 28.03.2007 17:33

Dear friends, you probably have noticed, that the site more often experiences "Internal Server Error" failures. These failures are not related in any way neither to your actions, nor to mistakes in the scripts of our site. A source of a problem is related to the company providing hosting (i.e. "hardware" on which the site is running). The administration of the site is in negotiation process with the hosting company, but if the issues won't be resolved, we will have to start searching for another hosting.

What to do, if there was a failure? As a rule only one page is affected all other pages are still accessible. Moreover, the same page is still available in other language. (The languages are switched in the top right corner of the screen). It is possible to navigate to any working page, switch the language and return on "failed" page which quite probably will be accessible. Another way to "cure" the problem - add at the end of URL address something like ?a=b or &a=b (any letters can be used) and the page again becomes accessible. The failures last for 5-10 min, and then the normal operation is automatically restored.

We apologize for the inconveniences caused by these failures.
Welcome on the pages of the Encyclopedia of Russian pre-Revolutionary Recordings! 06.11.2006 13:33

The site is still under construction, however it already provides all major functionality.
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