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You are, the little mosquitos (Yuru SPb)
You are, the little mosquitos (Yuru SPb)
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"His name was Nipper" by A.Tikhonov 17.09.2009 02:30

September of 2009 is the 110-years anniversary of the most best-known trademark and slogan in the history of worlds musical industry. The Gramophone Company owing the name His Masters Voice and corresponding abbreviation HMV to the painting of artist Francis Barraud who depicted a dog sitting next to a gramophone and listening to the voice of his master. Today this painting remains as a symbol of the entire epoch as well as one of the most popular brands of XX century.

It is the introduction from Alexander Tikhonov article His name was Nipper (In Russian). The abridged version of this article was originally published in the Russian edition of Billboard magazine No 8 (28), August 2009.
Filter 18.05.2009 21:25

We already described this function in the past, however decided to do it again in order to provide more details of its functionality and use. The Filter is located at the bottom of the main page of website as well as on pages of categories and search results. It consists of two pick-lists: Ethnics and Languages and Site Content.

Pick-list Ethnics and Languages allows setting site to work only with files of certain Ethnics and language (ethnic) or language group. For instance, if one picks Polish language and then click on Go button, the site behaves like no other records besides the Polish ones are present. Only Polish records will be seen in new arrivals, in Categories, in comments, as well in search results. If Jewish language group is chosen, then only Hebrew and Yiddish records will be considered.

The second pick-list can be called Site Content. It has three options:

Exclude catalogs - This option allows to exclude virtual records. i.e. those, that are the result of converting label catalogs, rather than real records. Since we plan to convert several label catalogs in the future this option will play more and more important role.

Only records with audio - this one even more strict option. It excludes not only virtual records, but also real records that were uploaded without audio. This option will be mostly appreciated by those users, who visit the site mainly to listen to the music!

Include everything - This option is used to unset the filter.
Congradulation with 110 anniversary! 12.04.2009 01:38

110 Years !

April 10, 2009 is the 110 years anniversary of the beginning of the first recording session in Russia performed by William Sinkler Darby engaged by the gramophone inventor Emile Berliner. This date can be considered as the Birth Day of gramophone record in Russia. However, until recent time, many things related to those distant events remained unclear. For instance, why traditional Amour Trading Marks were missing on those discs recorded by Darby? Or why not yet discovered at least one copy of a catalogue with those records? The answer on these and many other questions can be found in the article of the worlds leading expert in Gramophone Company history, the compiler of the Complete Numerical Catalogue of Russian Gramophone Recordings made from 1899 to 1929 in Russia and elsewhere by The Gramophone Company Ltd. Alan Kelly.
The move is completed 20.03.2009 00:16

Dear friends! We are very happy to announce that the moving to new hosting is successfully completed!

Just before the move we made several improvements to the website. Following are the most important of them:

Informational fields in order to encompass multiple records characteristics, we added a bunch of new fields. The complete list can be seen on the Upload form that was also modified in order to allow Participants to enter all necessary information themselves at the time of uploading or editing.

Site Search Until recent time this was the weakest feature of the website only three fields were considered in searches: Title, Label Transcription, and Keywords. After this change all the fields are considered! The form representing search results was greatly changed too. The search results are now presented in table format with sections for each label name. All files that displayed as thumbnails are placed in front of the table. Such representation pretty much resembles a discography, so the search results can now be called Live discography. The search can be performed not only by artists, but also by anything else. So, it is possible to get discography of a song, or discography of a composer, or discography of a conductor, or discography of an instrument, and so on.

Filter At the bottom of the front page, next to the word Filter, there is appeared a "drop-down" list. It consists of languages and language groups from the records uploaded on website. If open it and for instance pick Polish language and then click on Go button, only Polish records will be considered. The site behaves like no other records exist or ever existed at all! Even more, if information in Polish language was entered for a field with Polish language tag, then it will be displayed instead of English.

If Jewish language group was chosen, then only Hebrew and Yiddish records will be considered.

The Filter is memorized and automatically applied for each visit until it is changed to something else. In the nearest future we plan to upload into the Database a several label catalogs they are required in order to produce the most complete Live discographies. However, the vast amount of virtual records might be undesirable when browsing website via Categories because the portion of real records will be too small. In order to resolve this issue, next to the language filter there is another one. This one can be used to filter away the virtual records from the catalogs. It also can be used to make website consider only records with sound files attached. This option will appreciate those visitors, who mainly interested in listening to the music!

Since all these changes touched the very heart of the system, some side effects may appear. Please do not hesitate to write to us in the case of any anomalies!

And the last news we are in process of moving to the new hosting that has to be completed by the end of this week. Because of this move, site may be inaccessible during certain period of time, or have some other problems, related to this move. We apologize in advance for these inconveniences.

Moving to a new hosting 13.03.2009 02:02

We are in process of moving to a new hosting that has to be completed by the end of this week. Because of this move, site may be inaccessible during certain period of time, or have some other problems, related to this move. We apologize in advance for these inconveniences.
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