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La calunnia (Howard)
La calunnia (Howard)
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Pre-Revolutionary periodicals 29.11.2010 23:24

Dear Friends, we are happy to share the extraordinary good news the just received a parcel with huge archive of microfilms containing nearly all gramophone related pre-Revolutionary Russian periodicals! This priceless gift was made by a record collector from Perm German Alexejevich Stschetnikov, whom we make our kowtow and say our hearty thanks!

The most important task now is to make the best possible scans of these materials and present them on the website. Fortunately, we have at our disposal one of the best film scanners Nikon CoolScan V ED that we are going to use for the job. After scanning we will post-process all images and upload them on the website in form of PDF files one file per magazine. During post-processing well give preference to image quality vs. file size and well try to find the minimal file size when the image degradation is almost invisible for eyes.
The Fifth Dimension of the Odd Flat project 15.11.2010 22:13

The Virtual Encyclopedia of Russian Recordings for the first time steps out from the Internet into real world. This will take place in Moscow Mikhail Bulgakov Museum, where The Fifth Dimension of the Odd Flat project comes to life.

More than hundred records from the virtual collection helped to enliven the writer's memorial museum permanent exposition by filling it with 1900-1930s music that surrounded Bulgakov and his famous characters. Audio samples will accompany visitors in their journey from Bulgakov's Kiev home musical memories to Moscow's infernal communal flats of the 1920s reconstructing the musical atmosphere of The Master and Margarita as well as sounds of the radio set beside Bulgakov's bed in the last year of his life.

The project is created by Alexey Petukhov, the Editor of the Soviet Chapter of the Encyclopedia.

The presentation of the new audio exposition will take place on November, 20, 2010, at 5pm. A small show of vintage sound playing devices from Bulgakov's era will accompany the event.

Address: Moscow, 10 Bolshaya Sadovaya, apartment 50 (The Odd Flat)
Catalog Syrena-Record 07.09.2010 04:11

Dear friends! We are happy to present a new work of the legendary collector, researcher and writer Anatoli Zhelezhny - Catalog of acoustic records Syrena-Record (in Russian) specially prepared for This catalog is a result of years of hard work to collect, analyze and organize data from various sources: different advertisements, Syrena-Record catalogs, the actual records from private collections in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Kharkov and Odessa, website, appended with data from Syrena Grand Record catalog and Tomasz Lerskis book Syrena Record Poland´s first recording company (published by Karin New York-Warsaw 2004) . It makes this catalog the most complete one of ever existed in the nature, and us the lucky receivers of this priceless gift! Please do not hesitate to rate this work and post your comments - Anatoli Zhelezhny will be happy to receive the feedback about his work from the collectors. Please also write about any omissions, typos or inaccuracies that youll find. The completeness and accuracy are the basic principles of our project in order to restore the lost history of recording in Russia; we'll be happy to make corresponding corrections. In the future we plan to upload the entire catalog into the Portals Database (just like how its done with "Gnom" and "Favorite" catalogs) - then its content will participate in the formation of "live discographies" resulted from the site search.
Expansion of the website topic 28.04.2010 20:32

Dear friends, we are happy to announce the expansion of the website topic toward Soviet period. In order to concentrate Participants efforts on the most scarce and interesting records we are setting the top date for records of the state monopolist company Gramplasttrest on the end of WWII. However, this limitation will not be applied to the local plants that had their own recording studios. This limitation is also not applicable to reissues of pre-WWII records, pretty much in the same way as we always had for Soviet reissues of pre-Revolutionary records. The name of the website is correspondingly changed to The Encyclopedia of Russian Records.
Howard Friedman 29.01.2010 02:52

What remains of the people when theyre gone? Love in the hearts of friends and relatives, memory, and of courses their deeds, especially those that were intended not for the profit and gain, but for the welfare of all people by giving away a piece of Self to the others. One of such deeds of Howard Friedman was writing of The Collectors Guide to Gramophone Company Record Labels 1898 1925 that he devoted the last years of his life. In November 11, 2008 he passed away, but the Guide is here, and a piece of his Self that he put into this work will forever remain embedded into its lines! Unfortunately, while the Author was alive, we did not manage to fulfill our promise translate the Guide into Russian language and publish it on our website But as they say, the beauty of a debt is its payment we publish in two languages Preface and Acknowledgments, Introduction and the most interesting chapter for all portal participants - the Russian Recordings. And it is only the beginning!
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