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Gramophone Robin Hood (in Russian) 30.01.2024 04:45

Presenting a new work of Alexander Tikhonov Gramophone Robin Hood. In the gallery of personalities who left a significant contribution to the formation and development of the domestic music industry, David Aleksandrovich Finkelshtein occupies a special place. He was the youngest organizer of a new business who studied all its nuances and features. This charismatic adventurer was a true professional in his field: he was daring and brave, knew how to ignite his partners with his energy, and achieve the implementation of his projects. He loved money and it seemed that money loved him. He was the main music pirate of the Russian Empire, who could never be brought to justice. -A.Tikhonov
Review of 78-RPM styli (and more), Part 2 (in Russian) 08.01.2024 20:05

I am happy to present the second practical part of the article that contains photographs and sound samples of about 150 needles from different companies. Initially I planned to include only 78 rpm needles, but as I work on the article is progressed, I realized that it would be impossible to go without LP needles. I hope that the review will interesting to everyone who involved in records digitization. (Sorry, the text is in Russian only)
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024! 31.12.2023 02:25

All discographies of Fyodor Chaliapin on Alexey Lipovetskys website Prompter 20.10.2023 04:38

82 years passed between the last recording session of Feodor Chaliapin in 1936 and the first academic publication of his sound recordings in 2018 on Marston Records. Why so long? The answer is paradoxical and at the same time predictable. Providence required the efforts not of state cultural institutions, but of individual enthusiasts. All the compilers of Chaliapins discographies were passionate music lovers, but they were not professional musicologists: British scientists - Russian-born psychologist Boris Semyonov and physicist Alan Kelly, Soviet and American mathematician and programmer Vladimir Gurvich. The Chaliapin discographies they compiled are reviewed on Alexey Lipovetskys website Prompter in the section dedicated to the phonographic heritage of Feodor Ivanovich Chaliapin and published in the year of the 150th anniversary of the great artist.
"The Gramophone World" of Dmitry Bohemsky (In Russian) 08.03.2023 04:32

We invite you to read a new Alexander Tikhonovs article The Gramophone World of Dmitry Bohemsky, published for the first time exclusively on our website! Please post comments, write reviews and share new facts in order to recreate the most detailed biography of the master!
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