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Polka (Zonofon)
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The mystery of the letter L or the anonymous phones of David Finkelstein (in Russian) 05.04.2024 03:34

Presenting a new article of Alexander Tikhonov The mystery of the letter L or the anonymous phones of David Finkelstein (in Russian). In 1905, unique records appeared on the Russian music market, almost indistinguishable from records of the popular Zonophone label. The labels, including color and layout, matched down to the details and differed only in one letter. In the name, someone, either by mistake or deliberately, replaced the letter N with L - it turned out to be Zolophone. Many buyers could not immediately find the differences, and if they did, they were still happy with the cheap purchase of a record of their favorite artist.
Reincarnations of David Finkelstein (in Russian) 26.02.2024 03:25

Continuation of Alexander Tikhonovs essay about the life and work of the major musical pirate of the Russian Empire, David Finkelstein. Here he will talk about labels Melodiephon and Excelsior. (in Russian)
Gramophone Robin Hood (in Russian) 30.01.2024 04:45

Presenting a new work of Alexander Tikhonov Gramophone Robin Hood. In the gallery of personalities who left a significant contribution to the formation and development of the domestic music industry, David Aleksandrovich Finkelshtein occupies a special place. He was the youngest organizer of a new business who studied all its nuances and features. This charismatic adventurer was a true professional in his field: he was daring and brave, knew how to ignite his partners with his energy, and achieve the implementation of his projects. He loved money and it seemed that money loved him. He was the main music pirate of the Russian Empire, who could never be brought to justice. -A.Tikhonov
Review of 78-RPM styli (and more), Part 2 (in Russian) 08.01.2024 20:05

I am happy to present the second practical part of the article that contains photographs and sound samples of about 150 needles from different companies. Initially I planned to include only 78 rpm needles, but as I work on the article is progressed, I realized that it would be impossible to go without LP needles. I hope that the review will interesting to everyone who involved in records digitization. (Sorry, the text is in Russian only)
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024! 31.12.2023 02:25

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