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Song about Motherland (bernikov)
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05.03.2008 20:18
Великолепный сайт! СПАСИБО!

Юрий Берников: Спасибо, Анатолий! У Вас тоже замечательный сайт!
03.03.2008 19:36
потрясающий сайт

во-первых, по html-идее

во-вторых, просто по идее : коллекционеры всех стран соединяйтесь

просто чудо!

удачи и здоровья вам и всем участникам

от "себя лично", если сочтете нужным, с удовольствием перегоню то немногое 78оборотное свое Изы Кремер (на русском и еврейском), что есть на сайте

Юрий Берников: Спасибо, Павел, за добрые слова!
28.02.2008 04:30
Hi, there. I stayed for a while on your site and I like it because I also collect old records, but I have only a few yet. I have Stella Concert Record No 12550, would you please advise me about the issue year?

Yuri Bernikov: Hi, Eugene! I advise you to scan the labels of both sides of the record (preferably in 300dpi) and upload them on the site (registration is required). In my turn, I promise you to search all available to me sources in order to find the issue year of this record.

There is a forum on this portal (currently it available only to registered participants) where we can continue our dialog.

[translated from Russian by site admin]
  Григорий Кысиль
26.02.2008 15:49
There is collector-researcher of Ukrainian records Michael Ziola in Kiev. He helped to A.Zhelezny to write his book

Should you have an interest - write

Yuri Bernikov: I do have the interest - will write in a moment!

[translated from Russian by site admin]
  Daniel Beller
08.01.2008 23:03
Dear Yuri:

Your site is fascinating... ochin harasho... really an excellent work. I discovered you through my friend Ted Staunton and it's thrilling to see your work.

It's fascinating to see labels from Russia that were also known in Argentina and listen to some rare yiddish tunes.

Best Wishes

Daniel Beller
City of Beer Sheva


Yuri Bernikov: Thank you for sincere and words - they're inspiring!
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