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02.07.2008 08:10
i have some intona records and many others old plates if anybody is intrested i can send some pictures i was looking here and I saw that INTONA records group is empty it s be nice when I can help this good music site here!!!!

I write some names here what I have from russian plates
COLUMBIA - Cosovo waltz russian novelty orchestra 12049-F
and A poets vision -Walts

INTONA records - NO:3610, 3612, 3526,

GRAMOPHONE concert record - St. Petersburg G.C. - 21368

and some plates is maded Polsk .Latvia. England. Estonia . Germany. U.S.A

If anybody know some of these!!! then it s be nice! when someone tell s me how old this staff is ??????? and maybe some collectors wants to buy my plates

Hi, it would be great if you can send us the pictures of INTONA! There is very little information available about this label. Many researchers think that INTONA was predecessor of Syrena Record. If so, the records must be issued before 1908!
COLUMBIA - 12049-F recorded in New York in December 1926
GRAMOPHONE - G.C. 21368 - recorded in St.-Petersburg, Russia in 1907
We are interested to buy some or all of these records. Please write us at
  Dr. Halina Goldberg
25.06.2008 13:49
What an amazing collection! I am working on a project concerning the majufes and I was wondering whether there is a possibility of hearing bits of two recordings:
Majofes 1 Teil
Rachowitzer Orchester
A Jüdische Chassene
"Syrena Rekord" Orchester
Mit jüdischem gesang v. Borocki
Syrena 21956 / 5361

Thanks for putting this site together!


Yuri Bernikov: Dear Halina,
Thank you visiting our resource, and for the nice words of appreciation! The records you are interested in belong to a participant with account name "Nahon". You may contact him directly via our system of Private Messages, but you need to get registered on our website.
  Adam Miller
04.06.2008 06:00
Hi from New Zealand, what a great site!

As you will see from my site, I have an interest in the copyright stamps on these old records.

I was wondering about the Gramophone Co AMOUR record 228017 The fetters of love (Okovoy lyubvi), and the purple copyright stamp. In particular, what does the inscription on the stamp read?



Yuri Bernikov: The inscription on the stamp in modern Russian is " " that can be translated as "The rights of phonographic reproduction are paid"
  Dr H S Friedman
25.05.2008 14:16
I had the good fortune to stumble across this website in search of record labels, which is my special interest in terms of record collecting. With some of the greatest recording artists having come from Russia, viz., Chaliapin, Sobinov, Vialtseva, Figner, Kastorsky, not to mention Rachmaninov, Horowitz, Gilels, Oistrakh, Heifetz, and oh so many more, it is so wonderful to have this website where we can all share each other's findings and knowledge. It is only to be wished that more of the English speaking members knew Russian, and vice versa! This site could expand forever! I hope that other members will be able to share with me and other members and contributors.

Yuri Bernikov: Dear Dr Friedman, thank you for the kind, sincere words! Its my pleasure to have you among participants of our site! Your The Collectors Guide to Gramophone Company Record Labels 1898 ─ 1925 is profound and comprehensive work, necessary want for all Gramophone Company records collectors! I am looking forward to see it on our site translated in Russian!
17.03.2008 21:10
Congratulations for your marvelous site. I especially appreciate the label gallery and have added an advance copy label of a very nice Vladimir Rosing record.

Is there any chance that "The History Of Recordings In Russia" will ever be translated in the English or maybe even German language?


Yuri Bernikov: Than you for high appreciation of the site, and Welcome to the Club! Vladimir Rosing record is really very remarkable. It is interesting, that Alan Kelly provides May 23, 1915 as recording date the whole year earlier than noted on the label.

Your wish about translating "The History Of Recordings In Russia" I will try to pass to the authors of the book: P.N.Grunberg and V.L.Yanin.
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