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Ария Богдана (ckenny)
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  JULIA Edge
14.06.2012 14:31
I have an Elesdisc LS 61 - Otchi Tchornia - Les Yeux Noirs-Vladimir Slastcheff - Orchestra Georges STREHA. Tschastouchki on B side.
  Katherine B. Keikuatov
26.05.2012 13:03
I have photos which may be of interest to you. Katya B.K.
 Сайт: katyakei@cox.net
  Philip Yampolsky
28.04.2012 11:52
Dear Russian discographers - I am a discographer specializing in the music of Indonesia. Can anyone help me find out the details of a recording by Tamara Kravtsova entitled Pesnya ob Indonezii ? What label, when recorded, what issue number? The recording is heard as the soundtrack of a video that can be seen at http://www.tunnel.ru/view/post:260324 . The music is attributed to Vitaly Geviksman and the text to V. Korchagin. At the same website there is another version of the same song, accompanying the video titled "Strana rodnaya Indonesia" by Radamau. Does anyone know what that recording is? With thanks for any information, Philip Yampolsky
  Stariy Petr
27.03.2012 23:30
New to the site, not so much to collecting 78s and cylinders. Have discs purchased in Moscow years ago, among them Caruso's Tarantella Sincera on 12" disc. The label for this recording (music same as the Victor 1911/1912 recording) depicts the Recording Angel and an otherwise blank label aside from "Caruso Tarantella" written in pencil. Matrix number is 2-052067:M and record number A11472 (same as Victor). One the reverse side, aside from "Gramophone" embossed twice around the word "Trade Mark" written astride an embossed Recording Angel the notation "Reproduced in Russia" is written (in English). Any background, speculative or true, as to the origin of this recording would be appreciated. I've many Russian-language 78 rpm recordings and plan to organize and then download recordings. Thanks/Petr

Yuri Bernikov: Dear Petr! The Caruso record that you have in your collection belongs to this category: http://russian-records.com/categories.php?cat_id=280 They are the very early Soviet pressings made from the original pre-revolutionary masters of Gramophone, RAOG and other companies.
23.03.2012 11:56
Продам виниловую пластинку

(РАОГ=Русское Акцiонерное Общество Граммофоновъ)
протодьякон храма Христа спасителя в Москве Афанасий Здиховский, акк. хор

Заказь №9001 (1910-1915г.)

P.S. magned@bk.ru
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