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The Chronicles of «V.I. Rebikoff and Co.» Label
in Russia 1903 – 1906


♦ A new company for manufacturing phonograph records was created in St.-Petersburg. The company is founded by P.F. Korovin, S.N. Zakharov and electrical technician V.I. Rebikoff. V.I. Rebikoff promises to offer some new kinds of gramophones, but we did not see even the examples yet. As for the records, we also did not hear anything yet as well.

«The Gramophone and Phonograph» No. 1, January 7, 1903.

♦ V.I. Rebikoff acts much more consciously in this respect. Since he is just experimenting, he decided do not release any records until they reach the heights of modern technology. This is reasonable, and in bona fide, but somehow these experiments already last for over the year. In order to speed up, it would not hurt Mr. Rebikoff to hire engineers from America. But Mr. Rebikoff wants to come to everything on his own. This is laudable of course, but in such case he should wait with building of a huge factory. It’s understandable, that such partners as P.F. Korovin and S.N. Zakharov are able to pay extra hundreds of thousands (Rubles – translator’s comment), but why make a fuss by such expensive experimentation when there are engineers that already have comprehended this knowledge ? But V.I. Rebikoff, as well as his companions, do not get discouraged, although we were told that despite his own words, Mr. Rebikoff hired an expert from Germany for records pressing, and an Englishman for recording.

And it would be easier to take advantage of someone else’s experience for the sake of achieving the goal. But at the moment, we unfortunately have to state the fact that such competitors as Mr. Rebikoff and Mr. Jacob neither in qualitative nor in quantitative terms are not dangerous to the Anglo-German Join-Stock Company, and that price reducing of the records should not be expected soon. The Eye.

«The Gramophone and Phonograph» No. 8, February 18, 1903.

The dumb inventors

♦ While talking about amateur character of different undertakings, we cannot not avoid not to mention Vasily Ivanovich Rebikoff.

This very talented man had deserved respectable reputation among electrical engineers as an electrician of the Belgian Electric Lighting Society in St. Petersburg. Then we see Mr. Rebikoff as Chief Officer of different companies; remember his fiasco of his newly invented cinema at the Coronation Ceremony. Then Mr. Rebikoff succeeded with kerosene lamps, and it can be said, it was the best of its patents. We cannot know how profoundly these patents benefited prosperity of the inventor, but one can doubt that Mr. Rebikoff is an exception among the inventors who sell their patents for a few pennies.

When the rumors were spread that Mr. Rebikoff is working hard on the improvement of gramophone, everyone who knew him as a talented technician, and who was interested in this subject, looked forward with a great hope on the beginning of new initiative.

Since the very beginning, Mr. Rebikoff became a subject of newspaper attacks and ridicule, for it is always the case for Russian enterprises. At that time Mr. Rebikoff announced in the columns of the Stock Exchange Gazette, that exclusively Russian people are working for him, and that the business will achieve its goals without any foreign help or investment.

After reading all these, we got cheered up and wished Mr. Rebikoff a great success.

A year passed since then. On the ashes of former Belgian Power Station that on Fontanka River they built the «V.I. Rebikoff and Co.» pressing plant. A huge pipe is ominously looking at the rise of Russian entrepreneurship creation. Mr. Rebikoff did not keep his promise from the very beginning by hiring Sender Mordukovich Treves to manage the mechanical department and many other "alleged Russians". Yet, it’s true that the capitalists are exclusively Russians. At the very beginning A.A. Bogdanov quit the group of four founders because he did not find a due order in the course of works and arrangement of the activities. Soon after, another gostinodvorets (i.e. a merchant that has a shop in the Gostiny Dvor – the largest shopping centre in St.-Petersburg – translator note) decided to abandon his original intention to take part in this business. I.P. Rapphof who was invited by founders to take a prominent part and immediate activity had also made off from the business.

The reason for abstention of I.P. Rapphof was that as an experienced businessman, he immediately realized that he was dealing not with a serious business, but rather with a diversion of rich people. The results of such undertakings are known from the Dervizov’s epopee (most likely they meant one of Baron Von Derviz undertakings – translator note), from the results of the Steel Company, and a subsidiary of the Phoenix Company. He didn't relish the prospect of such final, so he did not want to jeopardize his solid business for such risky enterprise.

In the business remained V.I. Rebikoff with vast amount of declared privileges, but without monetary investments, and millionaires P.F. Korovin and S.N. Zakharov. We heard that 160 thousand rubles was spent. But it is not about spending. What has been done for these 160 thousand rubles?

1. The building of the pressing plant was erected. 2. Many different kinds of machinery tools and record presses were bought. 3. 250 gramophones were built. 4. A stock of gramophone boxes was established. 5. 15 millions of expensive gramophone needles were bought. 6. They keep on doing recording experimenting, with immediate participation of composer Aloise (who is also Russian).

To our great regret we have learned from a reliable source that the pressing plant had been stopped. The workers were fired; the machines are staying still and inactive, and they keep on doing experiments after experiments.

     – My records are still too noisy – said Mr.Rebikoff, hoping to comprehend the wisdom of a great inventor by himself.
     – What’s about your new patents?
     – Did you see my curved horn?
     – Yes, I did, but it is a replica of phonograph horn from Pathe.
     – Yes, but they have a phonograph horn, while mine is a gramophone one!
     – What’s the difference between phonograph and gramophone horns?

At that time Mr. Rebikoff started to lecture about suitable angles and sound interferences. Then he demonstrated his membrane that was a mere copy of Johnson’s membrane with the only difference that a tiny piece of glass was glued on the center of mica. Yet, this thickening of the center also wasn’t a novelty. Professor I.I. Ivanov used it first. Then professor Johnson achieved the neutralization of the center of vibrating membrane by gluing a metal washer under the mica and passing thread of the needle holder through it.

     – But this is not all, - announced V.I. Rebikoff. – I am on the edge of a great invention in gramophone business, and I am going to revolutionize it. Instead of flat records I am going to use cartridges that will be expandable to any sizes.

The entire operas will fit on one cartridge, and the apparatus design will be quite different.

We left in perplexity of the great plans of this inventor who wasted not one hundred thousand of somebody’s else money on his unrealizable ideas.

If we happened to hear from Russian capitalists that any ventures with new patents are risky, such opinions are artificially created by such inventors like V.I. Rebikoff.

Unfinished draft invention is presented by such inventors to inexperienced capitalists as a «goldmine», California. As a result, Russian capitals are wasted carrying away with them the faith in Russian inventions.

It’s sad, but rather not an infrequent phenomenon. The Eye.

«The Gramophone and Phonograph» No. 9-12, March 25, 1903.

♦ The characteristic feature of company’s devices is inclination of the disc that the record is put on. According to V.I. Rebikoff, such inclined position improves accuracy of transferring of membrane’s sound because the needle a little bit presses itself to the groove’s wall hence it more accurate follows its curves.

For cleaning and lubricating the mechanism one has to unscrew just two screws and remove two pins.

The needle of V.I. Rebikoff’s brand is more tightly lay in groove, it has to be used nor more than for two plays (dull top, or rather shorter cone).

Each record has indication of the rotating speed.

♦ The famous bass F.I. Chaliapin recently recorded for the new gramophone enterprise; this company is going to sell these interesting in all aspects records for the regular price (2 Rubles 50 Kopeck) and do not increase price due to artist’s name.

♦ Finally, Joint-Stock company V.I. Rebikoff and Co. started selling its records. We do remember how much gloating delight and slander were disseminated by competitors regarding Russian attempt to organize gramophone manufacturing on the motherland soil.

Since the Russian records are issued, the slanderer should get silent. Rebikoff’s records turned out to be quite good, not worse than the foreign ones, and many are even better.

They totally recorded more than four hundred numbers, but on the market they released less than one hundred. V.I. Rebikoff and Co. Company does not want to offer trash to the public, so they decided to reject such significant amount of numbers.

The recording on Russian factory goes on continuously, we will inform readers as new records become available.

The records are issued in two sizes: the large ones (grand) for 2 Rbl. 50 Kop., and medium ones (a little larger than traditional seven-inch records) for 1 Rbl. 25 Kop.

Readers will find the list of Rebikoff’s records in this issue.

♦ Joint-Stock company V.I. Rebikoff and Co. exhibited its gramophones and records on recent Petersburg’s exhibition «The Kids World» and was awarded The Golden Medal.

«The Gramophone and Phonograph» for January 1904.

♦ Among currently active gramophone companies in Russia, we should mention Russian Gramophone Company of Mr. Burchard, Mercurophone of Mr. Segal, and the first solely Russian gramophone business. It is the factory of gramophones and records of engineer Rebikoff in St.-Petersburg. The distinctive shape of the apparatus, special sound, special membrane, and peculiar shape of the horn are the exterior distinguishing features of Mr. Rebikoff’s devices. As for their internal merits, there is comparable to apparatuses of others firms noiseless and more clear timbre of the human voice at the cost of weaker loudness and sharpness of the sound.

«Since and Life», book No 1 for January, 1904., St.-Petersburg.

♦ The Company’s recording studio as well as pressing plant are functioning properly and strenuously. Soon the famous bass F.I. Chaliapin will be recorded in this studio and naturally his records are awaited by the public with keen interest.

«Since and Life», book No 4 for January, 1904., St.-Petersburg.

♦ The Joint-Stock company V.I. Rebikoff and Co. introduces the new improved method of records manufacturing that speeds up the processing cycle from 14 days to 4. This company is also experimenting with a new needle contrived by some inventor. The needle makes less damage to the record.

«The Gramophone and Phonograph» for February 1904.

♦ The Joint-Stock company V.I. Rebikoff and Co. was awarded by The Great Golden Medal at the Conventual Works Exhibition.

♦ Mr. Editor! In January issue of your respectful magazine there was a little inaccuracy about F.I. Chaliapin. We carried on negotiations with the famous bass, and he really promised us to sing for gramophone a few records, but some circumstances suddenly summoned him to Moscow, so the recording is postponed for some time.

Regards and etc. Joint-Stock company V.I. Rebikoff and Co.

«The Gramophone and Phonograph» for March 1904.

♦ The Joint-Stock company V.I. Rebikoff and Co. is preparing to issue a few novelties that might become interesting for our readers. The tenor of Imperial Mariinsk Opera Mr. Oreshkevich has recorded the famous and currently patriotic Cesar Cui romance «Varyag». The soldiers marching songs are recorded by Life-Guards Grenadier regiment, and «Port Arthur» march is recorded by company’s own orchestra.

♦ The famous comic of the Imperial Theaters K.A. Varlamov recently visited the company V.I. Rebikoff and Co. and recorded two monologs (Ossip from The Inspector, and Yusov from The Lucrative Place. The second monolog is particularly interesting by the fact that there already exists a record of this monolog performed by famous storyteller Malsky who imitates K.A. Varlamov himself). Besides this one, K.A. Varlamov with the tenor Mr. Oreshkevich recorded two duets that enjoyed great success at the charity performances in Mariinsk Theatre.

«The Gramophone and Phonograph» for April 1904.

♦ The Joint-Stock company V.I. Rebikoff and Co. regarding occasional customers’ confusions about possibility of playing the other companies’ records on their apparatus and vice versa, the possibility of playing their records on other companies’ apparatuses peremptorily declares that records, membranes and needles of other companies can be used on their gramophones as well as their records, membranes and needles are quite suitable for use in gramophones of all existing kinds.

♦ In the headquarters of V.I. Rebikoff and Co. company we were introduced to a very interesting novelty that we cannot wish anything else, but complete success and further prosperity. They have set up a studio for recording on gramophone for all comers, on certain conditions of course. After certain time after the recording, each one can get as many records of her voice as she wishes. By the way, it could become a good addition to the photographic card.

♦ Many of our subscribers who ordered records from the Joint-Stock company V.I. Rebikoff and Co. were not satisfied by them. Regarding to this matter we once again have to inform our readers that V.I. Rebikoff sells only successful recordings by conducting the most scrutiny analysis of everything that have been recorded. The cause of the displeasure is the fact that those records should be played on considerably faster revolutions per minute speed (82 - 90) than ones from The Gramophone Company (72), so for achieving the best results the rotating speed of the gramophone disc always has to be increased accordingly. This can be done by rotating the regulator dial counterclockwise, i.e. using the same method as for increasing the pitch. The actual number of revolutions per minute for the record is indicated on the reverse side of each disc. Also, for playing V.I. Rebikoff records, one must exclusively use this company’s special needles.

♦ The V.I. Rebikoff and Co. company began to sell a new kind of gramophone similar to one-spring Monarch with curved horn of own style. The price of such apparatus is 55 Rubles.

«The Gramophone and Phonograph» for May 1904.

♦ The Joint-Stock company V.I. Rebikoff and Co. was honored to present a gramophone and records of own manufacturing to His Imperial Majesty Czar Emperor for what it was felicitate by receiving the Highest Gratuity.

♦ The Gramophone Company in Russia drew up a statement of the case at the London Exhibition in Chrystal Palace insisting on changing the «gramophone» name of other companies’ apparatuses because the said name is patented by them in all countries except Russia where patent privileges on names are not granted. The V.I. Rebikoff and Co. company that also with great success exhibits to London audience there their own production was informed by telephone by their London representatives about it and was forced to rename own apparatus to «Naturephone» that by the way was bought at the exhibition by a rich American for 400 Rubles. The name «Naturephone» is now assigned to a new inexpensive apparatus (35 Rubles) that has highly solid design and elegant appearance.

«The Gramophone and Phonograph» for June 1904.

♦ he V.I. Rebikoff and Co. company for expansion of its activiy is transforming into Jont-Stock Company of Improved Grammophones V.I. Rebikoff and Co. with capital of one million rubles.

«The Gramophone and Phonograph» for July 1904., p.223

♦ Since the V.I. Rebikoff and Co. company gets passed from one hands to another it temporary stopped manufacturing of phonograph records.

«The Light and Sound» for January 1905.

♦ The building where used to be the factory still remains vacant, representing a living monument of the Russian inability to take up a profitable business after failed attempt of V.I. Rebikov, who started his business with support of huge Korovin’s capital and a manner of a dilettante.

A few years ago, this amateur engineer was up to found a Russian gramophone factory. This was quite feasible.

The Gramophone Company right at this time fired his engineer Heinecke (Kurt Heinecke accompanied William Sinkler Darby in his first St.Petersburg recording session in spring of 1899 --Editor's comment). This gentleman offered his services to several gramophone dealers in St. Petersburg.

But the Gramophone Society had luck. All traders who sell gramophones in St. Petersburg and in Moscow just at this moment were in rage internecine antagonism. Raphoff argued with Burchard in St. Petersburg, Zimmerman with Muller in Moscow, Morozov with Werner in Kharkov, Bankovsky with Adler in Rostov, etc.

Under such conditions Raphoff’s idea of a truly Russian gramophone society with participation of millionaire Korovin, amateur engineer Rebikov, Professor Notomba, as well as famous Bettini, met a lot of obstacles, so Raphoff had to abandoned the idea and invitation of engineer Heinike did not not take place.

During two years of Mr. Rebikoff’s research of recording methods, the pressing plant was almost at standstill. But “the mountain gave birth to a mouse”. After two years, Mr. Rebikoff offered nothing more than a not quite successful gramophone with a shape of mandolin and curved horn. The enclosed membranes as well as dull needles of his design were below any critique; besides they were suitable only for his records. Finally, in a half year he delivered own records.

To render justice to this dilettante – some of his records are just amazing.

But being a dilettante, he conducted his experiments without due logging of all changes of conditions that he made for one or another record into the register book.

That is why the technique of the gramophone art did not advance even for one step. Whenever he perfectly recorded some number, he was unable to repeat it for a similar one. Conducting his eternal experiments he wasted somebody else’ money eventually bringing business to bankruptcy.

It is a pity to see this in general talented person. He had surrounded himself with a crowd of spongers that accurately received their salaries and wasted the funds on unneeded undertakings. All these gentlemen, just like rats from a sinking ship, one by one left Rebikoff’s factory right at the moment when P.F.Korovin and S.N.Zaharov decided do not dump any more money into this enterprise.

The huge stock of records, matrixes, and machinery tools – everything was sold by the auction. Sic transit gloria mundi...

I remembered all this story in Berlin, where I saw, with what a small funds people are achieving the big results.

In Berlin, I counted eight gramophone records plants and up to fifteen workshops which produce gramophones.


Had these energetic entrepreneurs at least part of the capital, which has been mindlessly wasted by Rebikov - and the gramophone society would be more thoughtful about the Trust.

«The Gramophone and Phonograph» for August 1906.

Catalog of «V.I. Rebikoff and Co.» records

The following catalog is restored from the advertisements published in various gramophone magazines and appended with data obtained from record collectors. As it was mentioned in magazines’ articles, V.I. Rebikoff was very picky regarding the quality of the recorded sound and unstoppably rejected records for slightest flaw. It explains the presence of numerous gaps in the presented catalog of the Company’s phonograph records.

All recordings have Piano accompaniment. The size of each record depends on duration of the phonogram. The Company used two uniform disc sizes – 20 cm (8”) and 25 cm (10”) in diameter (the first column in table). The rotating speed is 82 rotations per minute.

The records of «V.I. Rebikoff and Co.» company were single-sided. The first side is the phonogram itself, in the middle there is Company’s trademark logo. The reverse side is completely covered with paper and plays role of the label with all necessary recording data.

94 Горяйнов М.З. «Приют», Ф.Шуберт. 25
110 Горяйнов М.З. «Дон Карлос», Дж.Верди. Ария Филиппа. 25
115 Пейсович Шмуль «Дер Рубель», (на евр. яз). 20
117 Томарс, Горяйнов «Фауст», Ш.Гуно. Дуэт Фауста и Мефистофеля из 1д. 25
134 Никифоров Г. «Как-то осенью под вечер». С балалайкой. 25
135 Никифоров Г. «Дружеская беседа». С балалайкой. 25
136 Никифоров Г. «Старостина дочка». С балалайкой. 20
146 Томарс, Горяйнов «Африканка», Дж.Мейербер. Дуэт из 3д. 25
148 Русский хор «Сизый голубочек». 25
150 Русский хор «Вниз по матушке по Волге». 25
170 Томарс О.С. «Фауст», Ш.Гуно. Каватина Фауста. 25
173 Никифоров Г. «На Крестовском, на Петровском». С балалайкой. 25
174 Никифоров Г. «Дубинушка». С балалайкой. 25
175 Никифоров Г. «Солянка», комическая песня. 25
177 Никифоров Г. «Прачка-именинница», сценка. 20
178 Гладков И. «Демон», А.Рубинштейн. Я тот, которому внимала. 25
181 Будкевич М.Я. «Руслан и Людмила», М.Глинка. Романс Гориславы. 25
184 Еврейский комич. дуэт «Лебедик Шепсель (на евр. яз). 20
192 Будкевич, Гладков «Риголетто», Дж.Верди. Дуэт Джильды и Риголетто из 2д. 25
193 Будкевич М.Я. «Лакме», Л.Делиб. Отчего. 25
194 Будкевич М.Я. «Бал-маскарад», Дж.Верди. Ария Оскара. 20
200 Цыганский хор «Распошёл», цыг. романс. 20
201 Гладков И. «Я жду тебя», В.Алоиз. 20
204 Алоиз В. (виолонч). ? 25
205 Алоиз В. «Каватина», Рафф. ?
206 Алоиз В. «Осенний цветок», Поппер. 25
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215 Никифоров Г. «В Питере». С балалайкой. 25
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232 Хор труппы Маскот «Живо, живо». 20
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315 Орель Е.А. Ямщики», Штуцман. Песня Вани. ?
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320 Романченки г-н и г-жа «Мальчишка». 20
322 Романченки г-н и г-жа «Во субботу», русская песня 25
323 Романченки г-н и г-жа «Золотые денёчки». 25
325 Романченки г-н и г-жа «Ах, к чему воспоминанья». 25
326 Романченки г-н и г-жа «Рекрутская песня». 25
327 Романченки г-н и г-жа «Полтава». 25
328 Романченки г-н и г-жа «Стенька Разин». 25
331 Брагин А.М. «Давно отвергнутый тобой!, К.Давыдов. 25
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349 Эрб (скнрипка) «Романс», В.Алоиз. 25
350 Эрб (скнрипка) «Малороссийская думка», Левингер. 25
351 Эрб (скнрипка) «Кантабиле», Козаченко. 25
352 Эрб (скнрипка) «Мазурка», Млынарский. 25
353 Эрб (скнрипка) «Славянская элегия», Шютт. 20 20
354 Давыдова Д.Д. «Ночь», А.Рубинштейн. 20
355 Юшкевич «Жизнь за царя», М.Глинка. Зажигайте огни. 25
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362 Брагин А.М. Демон», А.Рубинштейн. Не плачь, дитя. 25
363 Брагин А.М. «Азра», А.Рубинштейн. 25
366 Шаронов В.С. «Поминальный день», Э.Лассен. 25
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The «V.I. Rebikoff and Co.» pressing plant in St.-Petersburg on 17 Morskaya Str.

Internal view of «V.I. Rebikoff and Co.» company’s pressing plant.

The Company’s trademark logo from the record’s face side.

Reverse side of the record with all recording data.





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Re: Re:
horseman wrote:
Были - на Columbia 36016 "Еврейский романс" (муз. Томарса). Сомневаюсь, что услышите, во всяком случае я помочь не могу.

спасибо огромное!

и извините, пожалуйста, за "замедленную реакцию": просто прозевал ваш ответ
  25.07.2014 15:56
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Руслан Русланов (Amakus)
Попрошу добавить в каталог №620

Исп. Арт. Имп. Театр. Л. СИБИРЯКОВЪ.

Пластинка не моя, найдена в проданном на ebay.
  15.11.2019 21:03
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Руслан Русланов (Amakus)
Пожалуйста внесите коррективы под списком пластинок. Здание фабрики находилось по адресу: Фонтанка, 123. На его месте сейчас общежитие СПбГАСУ.
А на Морской улице 17 находился склад и магазин.
По скорости тоже можно вписать уточнение, были ещё и 80 оборотные пластинки. А вот пластинок с указанием 90 оборотов я ещё не видел. Для меня (субъективно) они под вопросом.
Ещё хотелось бы, чтобы раздел "пробные" был переименован в "незаполненная этикетка". Таких пластинок очень много, и у нас нет оснований полагать, что они пробные. Какие-то позже заполнялись штампами, бумажками с печатным шрифтом, какие-то от руки, какие-то и вовсе оставались пустыми.
Это либо остатки, распродаваемые уже после разорения, либо первые партии. Хотя может быть они были выпущены в период каких либо технических трудностей, сделавших стандартное печатное заполнение этикетки невозможным.
  27.05.2021 20:27
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