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Arka Records (40)
Owners of New York label Arka Records were Yaroslav Pastushenko and Roman Poritok. Label is distinguishable by its repertoire that consisted exclusively of recordings of Ukrainian soloists and choruses, existed at that time. The only exception is a few recordings copied from Polish label Syrena-Electro in 1934. The paper labels were of different design and color, depending on series that started with 100, 200, 400, 500 and 600. One can find records of such soloists as soprano: E.Mozgova, N.Andrusiv
Brunswick (129)
The Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company was founded in 1845 in Duboque, Iowa for fortepiano manufacturing. The first, not so successful attempt of manufacturing phonograph records was undertaken in 1916. The records had vertical (Hill-and-Dale) type of recording, and probably for this reason were not in great demand. They are rarely seen at current days. The second attempt was undertaken in 1920. This time the success accompanied the firm. Phonograph records had more traditional lateral recording
Columbia Record (1940)
The dates of early Russain recordings: [2]

350015478 (1903)
* no activity * (1904)
* no activity * (1905)
3547935680 (1906)
3600136820 (1907)

Subsidiary labels:
▪ Regal
Decca (89)
Decca Records is a British record label established in 1929. The name "Decca" dates back to a portable gramophone called the "Decca Dulcephone" patented in 1914 by musical instrument makers Barnett Samuel and Sons. That company was eventually renamed The Decca Gramophone Co. Ltd. and then sold to former stockbroker Edward Lewis in 1929. Within years Decca Records Ltd. was the second largest record label in the world, calling itself "The Supreme Record Company". The name "Decca" was coined by
Parlophon (329)
Parlophone is a record label, founded in Germany 1896 by Carl Lindström (1869-1932), a Swedish inventor living in Berlin, it originally produced phonographs or gramophones with the brand names Parlograph and Parlophon and eventually began producing records as well. The trademark is not the British pound sign, but a German L, for Lindström. During the war, the Transoceanic Trading Company was set up in the Netherlands to look after its overseas assets. Parlophone established a master
Polydor (283)
Regal (12)
Regal has been launched in 1914 as a subsidiary label of Columbia for budget-price issues and reissues. After the merger of Columbia and The Grammophone Company into EMI, at the turn of 1932 and 1933 the label was replaced by Regal-Zonophone and existed in this form until December 1957.
Ultraphon (60)

1922 - Heinrich Küchenmeister .

1925 - "Ultraphon" .

1926 - "N.V. Küchenmeister`s Internationale Ultraphon Maatschappj

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