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Albert Record (0)
It was a small gramophone company appeared in London in 1910. Trying to get on Russian market it offered to make their recordings to famous Russian actors, including F.I.Shaljapin, L.V.Sobinov. There is no trustworthy information available about Russian repertoire of "Albert-Record".

Quote from A.Zheleznyj. Our Friend a Record., p.77
Astra-Record (0)
Small gramophone company from London that also produced Russian records. In 1911 it began to sell their records in Moscow; however this attempt failed due to scarcity of Russian repertoir.
Célestin-Record (0)
New records Célestin-Record appeared in the stores that appear to be quite rough copyings. They say, the records are manufactured in Warsaw by some engineer. Couldnt he find a better job!
Grammofonnij Mir (Die Grammophon-Welt), 1910 No. 3, p. 11
Chanticleer (0)
Ad in Die Grammophon-Welt No 4-5, 1910, p. 16
Diana-Record (0)
An advertisement for the imminent appearance of information on this label was first published in "The Gramophone World" magazine, No 7, 1912.
Juno Record (0)
An advertisement for the imminent appearance of information on this label was published in "The Gramophone World" magazine, No 1, 1914.
Leo Record (0)
Such ads were printed in the 8-9 (April 20, 1911) and 10 (May 15, 1911) issues of the Grammofonnij Mir (Die Grammophon-Welt) magazine, however it is still unknown if such records were ever sold.
Shtandart (0)
"The office of one of the founders of Zvukopis S. A. Zhitlovsky, which advertised its discs for Pathéphone. It was located at the same address as the Zvukopis itself. Gramophone world No. 16, 1912, p. 14.

In No. 18, p. 18 of the same magazine the following was reported: "Mr. Zhitlovskys business with Shtandart records, which are intended for Pathéphone reproduction, is apparently getting better. We are informed that some of the test pressings must be considered very successful and the product will probably appear on the market before Christmas."
Svetopis (0)
The original name of a small Petersburg factory Zwukopis, that was engaged in recording and manufacturing of phonograph records, and acted on Russian Grammophone market from 1911 to 1913. The company was owned by businessmen I.Mazel and S.Zhitlovsky; the main office located on 13 Voznesenski pr., St.-Petersburg. The announce about Svetopis records appeared in the Grammofonnij Mir (The Gramophone World) magazine in 1911, however it is unknown if any records were ever issued under this label.... [more]
Tornophone (0)
Victoria Record (0)
It was a mysterious one day wonder. The plant located on 27 Boshoy Okhtinskiy prospect in St-Petersburg, director was Simon Keller. The message about grand opening of this Russian company was published in the Grammofonnij Mir (The Gramophone World) magazine, No 9 for 1910, but as soon as in two month it followed by another message telling that the factory permanently closed and CEO moved to Warsaw. Some number of records was issued.

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