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Vladimir Rosing [Hits: 16648]
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Vladimir Sergeevich Rosing – the great artist, who conquered the West with the genius of his talent, but as fate willed it he remained almost unknown to his contemporaries in Russia. The greatness of Val Rosing's talent (he was known in America by this name) is proven by the fact, that Bernard Shaw considered him as the best singer of the 20th century together with F.I. Chaliapin. Besides his singing art, V.S.Rosing was known as a talented stage director, producer, and public figure. We are offering for your reading a few articles written by him that were originally published in «Musical Courier» in 1923. After reading them, you will realize that by losing V.S. Rosing, Russia lost not only a great singer, but also a talented teacher and philosopher! By efforts of the articles were translated from English to Russian that made them available to Russian speaking people for the first time!

Editorial staff heartily thanks Vladimir Rozing's son Richard for making available the materials from his family archive as well as twenty nine digital transfers of rare records from the collection of British Sound Archives made by his special request.
Idealism and Art (Идеализм и исскуство) (bernikov)
Idealism and Art (Идеализм и ... (bernikov)
Vladimir Rosing


Interpretation in the Art of Singing - Part I (Интрепретация в искусстве пения - Часть I) (bernikov)
Interpretation in the Art of ... (bernikov)
Vladimir Rosing


Interpretation in the Art of Singing - Part II (Интрепретация в искусстве пения - Часть II) (bernikov)
Interpretation in the Art of ... (bernikov)
Vladimir Rosing



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