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Wanderer (ua4pd)

Wanderer (ua4pd)
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The Matchmakers Are Coming (Mekhitonem geh’n) (Александр Хрисанов)

The Matchmakers Are Coming ... (Александр Хрисанов)
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news 31.03.2019 05:05

A new book by Anatoly Zhelezny "F.I. Chaliapin and gramophone recording". In the book the author offers his own version of the discography of the great Russian singer. There are also publications related to various aspects of the recording process of the singer's records, lyrics of the recorded works, brief information about persons who took part in recording of Chaliapin’s voice. Presented rich illustrative material.

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Duniada (Ending) (Дуниада (окончание)), medley (PovarCoc)
Duniada (Ending) (Дуниада ... new(PovarCoc)
FZZ (post-war)


Tick-tock (Тик-так), children’s song (Versh)
Tick-tock (Тик-так), children’s ... new(Versh)
Aprelevka Plant


Those, Who Loves the Soviet Power (Тот, кто любит власть Советов), song (PovarCoc)
Those, Who Loves the Soviet ... new(PovarCoc)
Noginsk Plant


Symphony No.6, in B minor ("Pathetique") 4st Mov.- Finale; Adagio lamentoso (Симфония №6 , си минор, "Патетическая", 4st Mov.- Finale; Adagio lamentoso), symphony piece (Symphony «Sixth "Pathetique"») (Zonofon)
Symphony No.6, in B minor ... new(Zonofon)
RCA Victor (black)


Ballroom Polka (Бальная полька) (DmitriySar)
Ballroom Polka (Бальная полька) new(DmitriySar)
Kirov Rajpromtrest (conductor)


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