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The song flows (Amakus)
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I am looking into the sky and ... (german_retro)
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news 05.04.2024 03:34

Presenting a new article of Alexander Tikhonov “The mystery of the letter “L” or the anonymous “phones” of David Finkelstein (in Russian)”. “In 1905, unique records appeared on the Russian music market, almost indistinguishable from records of the popular Zonophone label. The labels, including color and layout, matched down to the details and differed only in one letter. In the name, someone, either by mistake or deliberately, replaced the letter “N” with “L” - it turned out to be Zolophone. Many buyers could not immediately find the differences, and if they did, they were still happy with the cheap purchase of a record of their favorite artist.”

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Komsomol March, song new(Nietzsche)
Aprelevka Plant


Humoresque (Юмореска), ... new(Versh)
Aprelevka Plant


Haziza, the Sister-in-Law, folk ... new(Nietzsche)
Gramplasttrest NKTP (diamond, no plant name)


Looking at a Beam (Глядя на ... new(Belyaev)
Columbia (Viva-Tonal, USA)


Don Giovanni’s ... new(Belyaev)
Experimental production > The Music on the Ribs


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