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Part IV (beginning) (Zonofon)
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USSR State Anthem (Zonofon)
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news 26.02.2021 03:30

"Dear friends, we invite you to the fascinating world of Soviet songs! Like many years ago, these songs give us their positive energy and warmth, awaken the best memories. They are filled with light and kindness"
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new and updated files
Big potpourri from the operetta "Der Zarewitsch", 1nd part (Großes Potpourri aus der Operette "Der Zarewitsch", 1. Teil) (operetta «The tsarevich») (Lotz)
Big potpourri from the operetta ... new(Lotz)


Daydream, waltz new(bernikov)
Metropol (blue band)


The Stone Guest (a fragment), ... new(TheThirdPartyFiles)
Dom Zvukozapisy (Records)


Electrification ... new(Zonofon)
Музтрест (general list) blue


Song of the Indian Guest - One cannot count all the diamonds (Песня индийского гостя - Не счесть алмазов) (Lied eines indischen Gastes - Diamanten zu zählen) (Opera «Sadko») (Lotz)
Song of the Indian Guest - One ... new(Lotz)


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