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Adler-Record (0)
There are multiple mentioning of German label «Adler» as one of the pioneers in “piratical business” in Russia. It is known, that in 1890 the company located in Leipzig and was involved in manufacturing of music boxes. Probably with the beginning of the “Gramophone boom” the company moved to Berlin and switched to manufacturing of “vertical cut” phonographs. In 1900 the it appeared under “Adler Phonograph Company” name located at Ritter-Strasse 93, Berlin. In 1928 Adler Phonograph AG... [more]
Albert Record (0)
”It was a small gramophone company appeared in London in 1910. Trying to get on Russian market it offered to make their recordings to famous Russian actors, including F.I.Shaljapin, L.V.Sobinov. There is no trustworthy information available about Russian repertoire of "Albert-Record".

Quote from A.Zheleznyj. Our Friend – a Record., p.77
Astra-Record (0)
Small gramophone company from London that also produced Russian records. In 1911 it began to sell their records in Moscow; however this attempt failed due to scarcity of Russian repertoir.
Victoria Record (0)
It was a mysterious “one day wonder”. The plant located on 27 Boshoy Okhtinskiy prospect in St-Petersburg, director was Simon Keller. The message about “grand opening” of this Russian company was published in the Grammofonnij Mir (The Gramophone World) magazine, No 9 for 1910, but as soon as in two month it followed by another message telling that the factory permanently closed and CEO moved to Warsaw. Some number of records was issued.
Gryf (3)
It was a small Polish company active from 1904 to 1914. The records were two-sided, 25 cm, with dark-blue label. All known records feature their own orchestra named either Warsaw Orchestra “Gryf” (¹ 1115 – waltz “Swallows”) or Country Orchestra “Gryf” (¹¹ 1206 – polka “Party”,1210 - polka “Stars above the Vistula”, 1241 – polka “Bavarian”).
Phono-postcards (pre-revolutionary) (1)
Exploratory history of the phono-postcard on website of Birgit Lotz Verlag
Leo Record (0)
Such ads were printed in the ¹ 8-9 (April 20, 1911) and ¹ 10 (May 15, 1911) issues of the Grammofonnij Mir (Die Grammophon-Welt) magazine, however it is still unknown if such records were ever sold.
Lipsia-Record (2)
Monarch-Record.jpg (4)
There is no information about the company. There are only two known records with Armenian tunes performed by Gevorg Shulavreli accompanied by a duduka trio of Tetroashvili. Handwritten matrix numbers are seen under the labels and duplicated on the mirror. They are also the catalog numbers.

In the Grammofonnij Mir from November 10, 1916, page 7, has been published the following news story: ... [more]
Monopol-Record (5)
The label sample is from the collection of Dmitry Golovko, city of Mezhdurechensk.

“Monopol-Record” was a small German company that appeared on Russian gramophone market in 1911. The representative office in Russia located on Nevsly, 53 in Petersburg. Russian recordings were made by order of merchant A.Levin... [more]
Richard Jacob (5)
In 1903, Richard Jacob a Russified German founded the Russian gramophone factory "Jacob-Record" in Moscow. The company was one of the first one not only in Russia, but also in the world that began producing two-sided records (initially records were one-sided). The gramophone repertoire of Jacob-Record totaled to more than 6000 numbers of by 1904. The greatest selection was for opera arias. Operetta enjoyed the special success in public. They played cheerful sketches from "Golden Fish", "Geisha" in front of... [more]
Robert Kenz - Concerts of Pyatnitsky (0)
Records with this label were issued in 1914 in Moscow by the «Robert Kenz» trading house. The Head of company M.N.Fedotov sponsored M.E.Pyatnitsky’s expeditions to the rural areas for recording folk somgs in solo and chorus performances. There is no information about manufacturer, but no doubts that they were printed by «Beka-Record». The clear indication is the fact that their matrix numbers are aligned with the series of Russian matrix numbers «Beka-Record» for 1914... [more]
Salon Record (11)
August Friedrich Burchard had a shop in St.-Petersburg, he also was known as businessman, engineer and inventor. The advertisement about gramophone records, recorded and printed by his order, was published in the Grammofonnij Mir (The Gramophone World) magazine (December 5, 1911, ¹ 22-23, p. 25). Currently it is not known on which plant the records were pressed, supposenly it is «Metropol Record» that used to take such kinds of orders. The beginning did not have further development... [more]
Svetopis (0)
The original name of a small Petersburg factory “Zwukopis”, that was engaged in recording and manufacturing of phonograph records, and acted on Russian Grammophone market from 1911 to 1913. The company was owned by businessmen I.Mazel and S.Zhitlovsky; the main office located on 13 Voznesenski pr., St.-Petersburg. The announce about Svetopis records appeared in the “Grammofonnij Mir” (The Gramophone World) magazine in 1911, however it is unknown if any records were ever issued under this label.... [more]
Sylvia-Record (0)
Records with this label planned to release by the Central Bureau of united factories. World War I prevented those plans, but perhaps a some records had been pressed.
Phonogramma (4)
There is no information about affiliating this label to any gramophone company. The only known facts are that they appeared on the Russian gramophone market in January 1912 and that they were pressed on the Warsaw factory «Syrena Record». Probably, “Phonogramma” is the name of a trading house issuing record pressing orders, just like it was done by other trading houses, for instance “Shuster and Ê°”, “Robert Kenz” and others... [more]
Eden-Record (4)
The only known information is taken from the label:

The American Grammophone Mfc Co.
New York, Paris & London
Juno Record (0)
There is no information about this label except short mentioning in the A.Zheleznyj book “Friend of us – a Record”.

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